Shankha Prakshalana

As spring begins I decided to purify the body.  The best beginning is to practice Shankha Prakshalana.

If you ever want to have a try, check these links:

1. General advise for the preparation and what to do after, mainly regarding food restrictions:

2. Detailed instructions on how to proceed with the cleaning procedure:

3. Video with exercises to be done during the procedure:

Use one teaspoon for one liter of warm water. It should be tasty like soup.

First hour I did 7 cycles: drink + exercise. It took some time before the first cleaning occurred. Therefore I would advise to drink smaller cups of salt water (size of a wine glass).

Another hour and half 5 more cycles: drink + exercise + cleaning.

After necessary rest of 45min I ate boiled rice with butter. In two hours after last cycle another 3 cleanings happened, mainly after the food.


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